What is ECO guarantee?

Since 2005, the Belgian member association of organic farming Probila-Unitrab has awarded the ECO guarantee seal to ecological detergents and cleaners. Probila-Unitrab was created on the initiative of a Belgian citizens’ initiative that wants to value, identify and promote organically produced products. The ECO Guarantee Seal is awarded only to organic products that meet certain established environmental, economic and social standards. The Ecogarantie standards often exceed even the legal requirements for these products. Among other things, the products are certified by the control bodies Certisys based in Belgium, the TUEV Nord Integra or by Quality Partner.

As already mentioned, the ECO Guarantee Seal can only label ecological cleaners that meet the high social, environmental and economic standards of Probila-Unitrab. This is intended to ensure comprehensive protection of consumers and the environment.

Social responsibility includes respect for human rights during production. Fair payments to manufacturers and fair prices for customers are also self-evident and are a prerequisite for obtaining the seal during the examination process.

To comply with environmental standards, bio-based chemicals must always be used in the manufacture of the products. Renewable resources are always the source of these chemicals. However, the production of bio-based chemicals must not be carried out by genetically modified organisms and the renewable raw materials must not contain any genetically modified organisms. Furthermore, to label this label, it is also not allowed to test the end products in animal experiments. The detergents and cleaners to be tested must not contain any synthetic dyes, silicones, fats, oils or fragrances. The ECO Guarantee Label also requires optimal biodegradability of all components of certified organic cleaners. The same applies to the use of biodegradable packaging.

In order to comply with the economic requirements, the accredited inspection bodies also examine the bookkeeping, the production process, the storage or the packaging of the products. The effective implementation of the production process also improves the ecological balance.

Some well-known brands of environmental cleaners have already received the ECO Guarantee label. These include the brands KLAR, AlMAWIN, SONETT and SODASAN. The brand KLAR is no longer independent. KLAR as a brand was founded in 2002 by the company Alma Win Reinigungskonzentrate GmbH by Dr. med. Stewner and since then marketed under a different design.