EU Ecolabel

The EU Ecolabel is a voluntary EU Ecolabel awarded in all countries of the European Union and additionally in the countries Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway in order to label environmentally friendly products and services. The purpose of this labeling is to enable consumers to purposefully select services and products that help reduce pollution. The EU Ecolabel was introduced in 1992 and was initially only for the labeling of products. Since the year 2000, services can also be awarded this eco-label. Sign owner is the European Commission.

Which products and services can be labeled?

In addition to paints, varnishes, lubricants, textiles, soaps, shampoos and services, the labeling of detergents and cleaning agents also occupies a large space. These include, for example, ecological cleaning agents, environmentally friendly dishwashing detergents or environmentally friendly detergents. The possibility of labeling concerns both industrial cleaners and environmentally friendly household cleaners. Of course, if the appropriate criteria are met, special cleaners or cleaners for hard surfaces such as glass cleaners, tile cleaners and others can also be labeled with the EU Ecolabel. Among the services that can be labeled include cleaning services. Food, beverages, pharmaceuticals or medical devices are currently excluded from evaluation. However, further product groups and services are currently being examined.

Evaluation criteria

Each product group covered by the EU Ecolabel System has a separate Criteria document and the Application Guide. You may need additional datasheets, test results or explanations. The evaluation criteria are developed in a transparent process with scientists, industry and non-partisan non-governmental organizations. The respective catalog of criteria will be discussed in round tables and finally adopted by a decision of the European Commission.

How does the awarding of the EU Ecolabel work?

There is no obligation to use the EU Ecolabel. The entire system is voluntary.
The following requirements must be met:

• Initially, the label is applied for by the manufacturer, service provider, importer or distributor at the relevant national office. In Germany, RALgGmbH is responsible for this.
• When applying, it must be proven that the respective requirements of the product group or service are complied with.
• RALgGmbH checks whether the requirements are met and, in the event of a positive decision with the applicant, concludes an EU Ecolabel contract of use for a certain period of time. Every three to five years, the general criteria are reviewed so that the contract period is limited to this time. However, based on the new criteria, the applicant may submit another application for use of the EU Ecolabel.

In addition to the EU Ecolabel logo, the respective product must always be marked with a license number. This is mandatory on the label of the product. The license number identifies the country (DE for Germany), the product group (YYY) and the contract number (ZZZ) in the form DE / YYY / ZZZ. Regardless of where the contracting authority is located, the EU Ecolabel contract of use applies throughout the EU.