NCP (Natural Care Product)

What is NCP?

NCP (Natural Care Product) is a quality seal for natural products. The label was developed by the “Society for Applied Business Ethics (GfaW)” and has been awarded since 2015 for non-food products that meet the criteria of organic natural products. The seal sometimes contains the addition of vegan, if the production of the final product is done completely without animal raw materials. Furthermore, this label serves as a guide for all people who choose their products according to environmentally friendly criteria.

The seal represents an alternative to ECOCERT and is recognized by the BNN (National Association of Natural Food Natural Products).

The NCP label recognizes a wide range of non-food items, such as toys, tools, household items, toiletries and ecological cleaners, when produced on the basis of renewable raw materials, environmentally friendly chemicals and organic production methods. All ingredients must be natural and must not pollute the environment.

If the consumer sees products with the NCP seal, he can assume that they contain only natural ingredients (of plant or animal origin). In addition, no genetic engineering, no microplastics, no health or environmentally hazardous products, no animal testing (except the statutory obligated), no synthetic surfactants, no silicones and no radioactive radiation for the production of these products used. Palm oil is used only in exceptional cases. But then it has to come from a sustainable source. Finally, the packaging must be recyclable or reusable.

Companies wishing to have their products certified to NCP standards should pay attention to:

• Only the raw materials listed in the standard may be used
• Phosphorus, synthetic phosphates, boron compounds and quaternary ammonium compounds are not permitted as ingredients.
• Substances of high concern (SVHC substances) and carcinogens (CMR substances) are excluded.
• The end product must not be listed in the H400 series (hazardous substances).
• All ingredients must be readily biodegradable.
• Animal experiments are excluded, with the exception of the efficacy studies for biocidal raw materials required by law.
• Animal feed may only come from excrement or slaughterhouse waste.
• Genetic engineering, radioactive irradiation, synthetic oils, fats, waxes or silicones as well as palm oil from unsustainable sources are excluded.
• The extractants must be exclusively of plant origin.
• The packaging must either be well recyclable or reusable.

In contrast to food, natural products from the non-food sector can not be designated as organic products under the EU Organic Regulation. Therefore, the NCP label for these products is intended to suggest to the consumer that the non-food products produced from agricultural or forestry raw materials are also organic. The award of the seal makes it especially for ecological detergents and cleaning products, household items or natural cosmetics pioneering work.

The certification body EcoControl GmbH is responsible for the certification of the products. After the products are registered there, the ingredients are first checked. Afterwards an audit takes place at the production site. A list will then list all measures necessary to comply with the NCP standard. The certification body carries out annual re-audits to verify compliance with the evaluation criteria. In the event of a deviation from the evaluation criteria, a period will be set according to their severity in order to make the product NCP compliant again. If this does not happen, the seal can be withdrawn.